With our mosaic lamp making sets we aim to bring a forgotten art form to your house while inspiring you with some of the beauties of Turkey.

Explore Turkish Culture with Our Color Themes


Cappodocia, the land of fairy chimneys came alive with colorful rugs and ballons remembered in this theme while you will find the combination of mix and warm colors.


The Aegean Sea and surrounding coastal region where different shades of blues and white homes come together were once home to the most famous greek myths remembered in this theme while you will find the natural color combinations of white, light, and dark blue.

Cotton Castle

Cotton Castle of Turkey, famous for its Curative mineral-rich thermal waters flowing down white cloudy terraces remembered in this theme while you will find the color combinations of pure white, mirror, and transparent.

Rose Garden

Symbols of affection, love, and spirituality, roses have been used as potent symbols throughout history, attracting the adoration of mankind in every period and indispensable for kings, sultans, and rulers. In Turkish history, especially in Divan literature, they symbolize spirituality, sanctity, and love.

Nemrut Mountain

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